Aluminium Doors

The residential door is an expression of personal style and individuality, communicating to visitors their first impression of those living inside. If it is to be a contemporary reflection, it must also function to perfection and offer reliable protection against external environmental effects and unbidden guests. Versatility in function and design for expressing your individual style. The special residential door geometry with its convex design sash lends the residential doors that special touch and extraordinary look. The strength lies in the detail: uncompromising quality is born only of perfect harmony. Security is that good feeling you have when you close the door behind you and you feel simply at home. Multi point locking to get higher security. Irrespectively of the inward or outward opening mode, the universal residential door threshold can be installed with peripheral sash frame or extra wide base profile. If barrier free access is wished, the residential door can be fitted with special brush seals, even without a threshold.